25 February 2006

Realtor Starts a Community Blog

Realtors Know The Pulse of Their Community

Patrick Warholic Realtor From Folsom, CA
Folsom, CA - Patrick Warholic a Realtor living in Folsom, California has taken an active role in his community. As a homeowner himself, in the Empire Ranch Community of Folsom, he has taken the active role of spokesperson, organizer, Community Facilitator, and sponsor and provider of an online forum area for the homeowners in the community to share their thoughts and comments on the local state of affairs.

In what is going on in all the cities around the United States, a Folsom developer is trying to change the local zoning laws for a parcel of land that was promised to the buyers of new homes to be a small local neighborhood shopping area. In fact, Elliot Homes, the builder of the homes that surrounds this parcel of land, is the same builder that promised these same homeowners, before they bought their homes, a community shopping area. Elliot Homes is now attempting to place up to 205 Multi Family Residential, Medium Density Units in this same location.

With Patrick's knowledge of the local building codes, schools, and traffic patterns of the area, and his concerns as a member of the local community, he felt it was only natural to provide an Online forum area to serve the homeowners of the Empire Ranch and The Parkway neighborhoods. By providing a forum area, Patrick felt it would provide a community area for staying informed and a sounding block for community members to exercise their freedom of speech rights without having to feel intimidated by politicians or city personal.

Patrick set up the Empire Ranch and Parkway Real Estate News Blog empireranch.calhoment.com with the abilities for readers to leave comments by name or anonymously post a comment. He also set up an email notification system. When new information is published or new information becomes known, the people that have signed up to be notified will be sent an email announcing the latest updates.

Blogs are evolving from something that was just a personal online journal a few years ago to now having CEOs of multimillion dollar a year companies using blogs to communicate to their customers and shareholders.

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