28 March 2006

Most Home Buyers Start With Internet Search

The Internet has changed the Way Home Buyers and Home Sellers Hook Up

With technology really providing a new first impression of a home online, 77% of buyers are now starting their home searches using the Internet. Sellers need to consider this factor when listing with a Realtor. A Realtor needs to really understand the implications of the Internet for getting the most value for a piece of property.

MLS, Multiple Listing Service

In the past, simply listing property in the MLS directories was enough to generate high sells activity. Now-a-days it is important to have additional avenues for marketing a home.

A good Realtor will be able to promote homes using new online visual technologies, through the use of pictures and slideshows to show off the home online. First impressions are now seen at websites instead of when a buyer walks into a home.

Consumers Are Using Online Home Searches

Consumers are using Online searches from Realtors' websites, to have delivered to their email boxes daily, whenever new listings come onto the market. Some Realtors offer Free searches online in what is called an IDX Feed, Internet Data Exchange and VOW, Virtual Office Website without telling the consumers that the Free MLS searches do not show a perspective buyer all the homes available.

Typically under MLS rules and regulations, MLS requires a registration for full searches to be conducted. IDX Feeds and VOWs are subsets of the complete MLS listings. A Realtor can opt-out for not showing the listing of the home in the IDX Feed or the VOW.

So, if you are a buyer looking for a home, make sure you are using a Realtor that is providing the full MLS search feed on his or her website. If you are a seller, make sure the Realtor is including your property listing in all of the IDX, VOW, and MLS searches.

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