01 December 2005

Internet Marketing For Realtors

Getting Found Online
By: James A. Warholic

With more than 70% of Home Buyers starting their searches online it is more important today than ever before to be able to have a solid presence online. When someone searches for the keywords of homes in your target community or homes for sale in neighboring communities you want at least the potential of being spotted in the search engine results.

Unique Content Website

The best way to go about this is to have a unique Internet marketing real estate website with original content. Typically the cookie cutter template approaches with the current online branded area that each Realtor gets from a central source is just a copy of the other sites with a different brand image (Realtor) on the pages themselves and does not equate to unique content. If a Realtor builds up enough of quality linking from other websites and the agent moves on in the future, the agent needs to start back at the starting gate for quality links. These quality links along with original content are what the search engine spiders look for when cataloging the pages and displaying them in the search engine results when someone searches online for the keywords relative to a particular area.

Adding Online Content And Quality Links

As unique content and new quality links to the website are added, this will create a situation where the search engines will start to give more significance to the website in their search algorithms. While new content and new quality links are added, an online advertising campaign called PPC, Pay-Per-Click Advertising can be run on the three main search engines to provide leads.

To be sure, the process of putting a website together is not easy. There is significant time involved in doing it properly. Sure, there are quick and easy cookie cutter approaches where you will get your own domain but regrettably, it will be regurgitated content from the thousands of other Real Estate websites online. It will take time from both sides; your time, as well as any fresh content style web masters online.

To give you some ideas how the whole process works follow the links below.
  1. Expand Market Reach Online
  2. Internet Made B2B, B2C, And C2C
  3. Unique Internet Marketing Sales Messages
  4. What Is Internet Marketing? Pay-Per-Click Advertising Basics Determining Keywords
There are other areas online where you can also extend market reach. Certainly free online newsletters can keep you in touch with your current list of contacts plus additional ways of adding fresh content on a regular basis by using a blog as a form of newsletter. Read this story about what a blog can do for you. Keep in mind the content was written with the corporate executive in mind but it equally applies to the B2C sector for keeping in touch with clients. Plus, a blog is simply an easy to use website that is updated on a regular basis. This can be an excellent source of providing information online for the search engines to catalog and send potential clients to a Realtor's website. Once a blog is set up, it is easy to add a new posting online.
http://blog.pwebs.net/ Marketing/2005_06_01_pro-web-blog.html

So, consider all of this information and other unique online ideas for a Realtor that we can provide, which would be very helpful for marketing yourself in the local community. Get started now on the way to Internet marketing your brand; better late than never.

If you already have a website and just are not getting the kind of Internet traffic, sales leads, or new clients online, we would be more than happy to provide you with a free market evaluation. Send us an email today and request your free Internet marketing evaluation.

Professional Web Services can help in all of the areas above.

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